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Thread: 2008 NFL Combine Updates: QB, RB and WR

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelcityrockers View Post
    I am not completely opposed to drafting a running back, I just feel that the lines and Defensive Back are much more pressing needs.
    At RB I like BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Omar Cuff, Ray Rice, the kid from Michigan State (cannot remember his name. I think he was like 6'-0''. Big back is not necessary but I think he culd compliment Willie P well), and Chris Johnson. I do not think that drafting a backup is a good idea in the 2nd round, which s my only qualm with Johnson.
    I agree with you on the " 2nd round back-up" thing for sure, but we drafted a 1st round back-up in Timmons last year (atleast for his first 2 seasons) But atleast he could step in and be an immediate impact in our return game!!! Plus, he could be a bush/faulk type back you can motion/split out as a WR. I just think the dude has amazing "game changing" ability and he would fill a major need both at RB depth and return game

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDSteel15 View Post
    Yeah, but could you imagine Stewart falling in our laps???
    I have been praying for that sooooo much. I love his size and speed. He would make a great 2nd back with parker.

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