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    From ESPN

    4. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Stability has been the strength of the Steelers. Under former coach Bill Cowher, Pittsburgh kept stockpiling linebackers and letting them sit a year or two to learn the 3-4 scheme. Before long, those linebackers became stars. Top personnel man Kevin Colbert is one of the best in the business at filling needs though the draft. The Steelers' offense line has been built mostly on draft choices. The secondary is primarily a byproduct of the draft. The team might sign a veteran free agent, if needed, but the mission is to build the team through the draft and identify the best young players for contract extensions.

    The system won't change under current coach Mike Tomlin. Pittsburgh has 31 draft choices on its roster, including 23 from the top four rounds. Because the Steelers are usually thinking ahead, they don't get caught in situations in which they need more than four new starters in any given offseason. The Steelers know how to stockpile talent through the draft and, with Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback, Pittsburgh will be an annual Super Bowl contender.

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    Top personnel man Kevin Colbert is one of the best in the business at filling needs though the draft.
    Where in the world do these guys get their information! Picking day 1 draftees is one thing, the real personnel glory or shame shines through in your day 2 picks and ours have been pathetic in the last 5 years for the most part.

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    Its amazing how one story can be told in do very different ways.

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