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Thread: Penguins Tickets?

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    Penguins Tickets?

    Anyone know what the availability of Pens tickets is from scalpers on game day?

    Im planning to come up for a game in March. I usually like to have tickets in hand. But this past season when I came in for Steelers games I found better tickets and better prices on game day from scalpers than from Stub Hub and such. I havent seen many tickets on Ebay and the ticket sites are outrageous. Im a bit concerned that they may be scarce ansd unavailable.

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    I have been to a few games the last few years and have never seen any deals better than face value so i just buy from ticketmaster. This is off of the Penguins website thou.

    MULTIPLE SETS OF LIMITED VIEW OR STANDING ROOM ONLY TICKETS AVAILABLEThe following games still have tickets available in increments of 2, 3 or more tickets. Please note that these tickets are considered limited view or standing room only and are priced at $40 each. For descriptions of each type of ticket, please scroll to the bottom of this page. Occasionally, regular tickets may become available and will be posted on
    Sunday, March 2 vs. Atlanta
    Wednesday, March 12 vs. Buffalo
    Sunday, March 16 vs. Philadelphia
    Thursday, March 20 vs. Tampa Bay
    SCATTERED SINGLE SEATS ONLYThe Penguins will be happy to assist fans trying to find seats as close together as possible when only scattered single seats remain – please call (412) 642-PENS to speak with a ticket representative.
    Saturday, March 22 vs. New Jersey
    Thursday, March 27 vs. NY Islanders
    Sunday, March 30 vs. NY Rangers
    Wednesday, April 2 vs. Philadelphia

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    Wow, only a few years ago I would go to tons of Penguin games in on year and say, "Why don't they give these out for free? The Penguins are terrible." Now they are bigger than Jesus!

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