Steelers will stay with grass at Heinz Field
Friday, February 08, 2008

By Ed Bouchette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Steelers have decided to stick with grass at Heinz Field, but they have not yet determined what kind it will be, sources confirmed.

Although Steelers President Art Rooney and chairman Dan Rooney each declined to comment, sources told the Post-Gazette that during meetings the past week, they decided not to install any kind of artificial turf.

And on Thursday, Jimmie Sacco, Heinz Field executive director of stadium development, said at a Stadium Managers Association conference, that the Steelers want to stick with grass.

"That's what the players want,'' Sports Business Daily quoted him as saying.

They may stay with the DDGrassMaster that has been the playing surface for most of Heinz Field's seven years, or switch to some sort of pure grass or sod.

Dan Rooney has been in favor of grass since Heinz Field opened, citing his players' overwhelming support for such a surface and surveys he says indicate fewer and less serious injuries occur on grass fields. DDGrassMaster is grass that is secured with fibers.

However, NFL Players Association surveys consistently put Heinz Field near the bottom of the league in playing surfaces.