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Thread: Well, the decision has been made: Grass stays!

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    After playing in that Miami s*it swamp I would say it's down with the grass and in with the turf. The Steelers should switch to the Ravens field type or the Saints field or something like that. I punt a lot and I can't imagine punting in that Miami game!

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    the ravens field is garbage turf

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    The best field turf right now is probably the Patriots, atleast last time I watched one of their home games...but hell any field turf is better than our swamp..

    but I digress

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    I'm not for or against the turf, but you can not use the Miami game as a guage. If it doesn't rain like it did that week or day, it would not of been as bad as it was.

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    The Baltimore Ravens use Sportexe-Momentum. Their field blows ours away! Check out Sportexe's website at and tell me that field does would not fit right in at Heinz Field. I believe Pitt just installed it at their practice facility. There are so many different surfaces to choose from and the Steelers would be awesome on this surface......its almost retarded we're keeping the dirt.

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    I'm not a field expert, but I do know this ..... doing nothing is not an answer. Neither is asking the league for an away game the week of the WPIAL finals. A week or two away from a ****** field does absolutely nothing but allow them to roll the mud and make the mud surface flatter.

    IMO, if they are going to fight the world and stay with grass, the WPIAL games need to find another place to call home. What's the matter with some local High School turf stadiums?, or better yet, local Western PA college statiums like IUP, Slippery Rock, Robert Morris, Clarion, etc. etc? There's at least a half dozen other venues they could choose from that would be more than adequate to host the event and still give the kids something special to look forward to when making it to that level.
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