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Thread: Bay doubts Pirates will make significant improvement

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    Bay doubts Pirates will make significant improvement

    Tuesday, Feb 5, 2008 1:19 pm EST

    Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Jason Bay isn't exactly counting the days until he gets to camp in Bradenton, Fla. That's because rookie GM Neal Huntington made only minimal adjustments to the roster that produced a 68-94 record last season according to the Chicago Tribune.

    "It's pretty obvious that this group of guys is not going to get it done," Bay said. "Some people think if we get to .500, that would be great, and that would be a nice pat on the back. I'm not saying we're terrible, but it's going to take a lot of things going right to do some things."

    Don't be surprised if Bay winds up elsewhere before the season is over. He's right on with his analysis, but the front office would prefer something it could use in an advertising campaign. And does "I'm not saying we're terrible" have a ring to it?

    Guess Bay wants out of the situation he is in with the Pirates

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    man id love to have him as an indian. too bad the pirates want santana like prospects haha.

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    You know it's so frustrating to watch a front office not do anything to improve their team. I am accustom to the Pens and the Steelers where they go out there and try to improve each year. The Pirates never do. They trade away young talent they can no longer afford to get players who are way past their prime. If you don't want to improve the team then sell them to someone who does. Maybe Bay coming out and saying something will get the FO fired up to something, but a HIGHLY doubt it.

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