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Thread: The Nightmare of this Patriots run of perfection is over Steelers fans...

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    The Nightmare of this Patriots run of perfection is over Steelers fans...

    Lets all take a minute to reflect on this moment! The 70 Steelers have survived the modern day cheap driveby NFL media yuppies, that forget or was too young to see real greatness,not some overrated cheating,group of losers. The game of football was saved tonight. This game is special, and you just can't write in what will happen. ''Any Given Sunday'' will live on. This day is huge in the memories of the great ones. The great Lombardi, the great ones that invented this sport. The true dynasty's! For the fans of football all together this is a special time. The Pats were right this is a special season but not how they thought. For the Manning family that witnessed a great qb play his heart out every down for 15 years and not reach the summit, but to see his two boys make history,back to back SuperBowls. G-men you saved the sport tonight. You showed the world with your old logo on your helmet that the past is as part of the game as the present. That the very team that Belichick upset the 49ers teams with came back to ruin his chance as the greatest team ever. That cheating in the game of football has its cost. The football gods were watching tonight, they had to stop the pretending thugs that were going to ruin the game forever. Randy Moss you got what you deserved, you mocked the great Jerry Rice with your comment about no big deal breaking his record. Your lack of true greatness was witnessed by every one tonight when you didn't try to leap off your lazy feet to catch Brady's last second passes. The true great ones would of caught those.

    First of all, Randy Moss is not a Lynn Swann or John Stallworth, and BeliCHEAT is not Chuck Knoll !!!!

    Yes the football Gods did not shine down on the Paties last night. They didn't want them to be crown as the best ever, They won all those games for nothing and will never be in that position again because the 'G'-MEN laid the plan out on how to beat them. It's called Pressure and Punishment which the 'G'-MEN put on them, especially Brady. He looked normal didn't he.

    Let's not get it Twisted, It's BeliCHEAT and the Paties !!!!! Couldn't win the big one
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