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Thread: The Nightmare of this Patriots run of perfection is over Steelers fans...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerFan87 View Post
    Did anybody else hear on Mark Madden today, he had Mike Greenberg on, and Greeny was talking about how before the Super Bowl, they had Lynn Swann and Ron Jaworski on, and Jaws was saying that if the Pats win, they're the greatest team of all time, and Swann blew up. He said he even threw one of his SB rings at Jaws.

    Lynn Swann is my hero.
    Greeney was wishy washy about that whole greatest team thing for time he'd say he didn't know if they were then the next time he'd say yes they were Good for you Swann should have punched him out and then asked him " how many super bowls do you have again Jaws? "

    Quote Originally Posted by Iron City South View Post

    a dying franchise ....
    That is awesome !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron City South View Post

    a dying franchise ....

    I love it.

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    I never enjoyed a SuperBowl so much the Steelers weren't in..

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