We are just days away from the biggest game of the year. The Patriots are up to becoming the first team to post a 19-0 record and the first team since the 72′ Dolphins to run the table. What better time to take a look back at the Top Ten Super Bowls played? Of course some of the games can be up for debate. Things taken into consideration were lead changes, comebacks, game deciding scores, and when the game was decided, among others things.

#10 Super Bowl III Jets 16- Colts 7

MVP: Joe Namath QB, Jets

What makes it great? I could catch some flack for this but this game barely gets in here. It bumped out the Niners and Bengals Super Bowl XVI and Joe Montana’s first MVP performance. The game wasn’t even close and the Jets were never threatened. That, however, is why it is looked at as one of the greatest Super Bowl (and Football) games in history. We all know about the guarantee. The Jets were 18 point underdogs. This is the game that showed that the AFL could hang with the big dogs, which gives us the NFL we have today.

#9 Super Bowl X Steelers 21- Cowboys 17

MVP: Lynn Swan WR, Steelers

What makes it great? The Cowboys went into the fourth quarter with a 10-7 lead. The Steelers scored four straight times with a safety, two field goals and capped it with a 64 yard from Terry Bradshaw to Lynn Swan. The Cowboys scored another touchdown with a little under two minutes to play but the game was decided. Lynn Swan becomes the first WR to be MVP. He only has four catches but he gained 164 yards and that TD mentioned above.

#8 Super Bowl XXV Giants 20- Bills 19

MVP: Ottis Anderson RB, Giants

What makes it great? The Giants come in as underdogs and they don’t have their starting QB. They go into the second half trailing 12-10. Halfway through the fourth quarter the Giants go up 20-19 on a Matt Bar field goal. The Bills have a chance to seal the deal but Scott Norwood’s filed goal sails wide right with seconds remaining. The Giants held a HUGE time of possession advantage having the ball over 40 minutes of the game.

#7 Super Bowl XIII Steelers 35- Cowboys 31

MVP: Terry Bradshaw QB, Steelers

What makes it great? The Steelers enter the fourth quarter with a small 21-17 lead. With half of the quarter scoreless the Steelers tack on two more scores with a Franco Harris run and Bradshaw to Swann TD pass. The Cowboys do not lay down and score on two Roger Staubach touchdowns in the last two and a half minutes of the game. Once again the Cowboys fall just short of beating the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

#6 Super Bowl XXXIV Rams 23- Titans 16

MVP: Kurt Warner QB, Rams

What makes it great? The Rams go into the second half with a 9-0 lead. Halfway through the third quarter Kurt Warner hooks up with Torry Holt for a nine yard TD pass. Trailing 16-0 the Titans begin their comeback and have three straight scores that tie the game. Kurt Warner hits Issac Bruce for a 73 yard TD with a little under two minutes to play. The last two minutes are some of the most exciting in Super Bowl history as the Titans drive down into scoring position. With six seconds to play and the clock running, Steve McNair hit Kevin Dyson on the three-yard line. Dyson appeared to be going in for the score when a hail marry of a tackle by Mike Jones stopped him. Dyson stretched for the score but time expired with the ball marked on the 1 yard line.