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Thread: Do we go after Berrian,Johnson, or trade for Roy Williams??

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    Do we go after Berrian,Johnson, or trade for Roy Williams??

    Johnson is a 1st round receiver the cards drafted in the 03 draft, who they never used much since he had a leg injury in his rook year and didnt play much, and of course they drafted Bolden and Fitzgerald and he didnt get a starting shot, and he has been making plays when he does get in the lineup in a back up role, his contract is up and he would like to leave the Cards to get a chance at starting and thats Bryant Johnson who played at Penn State and is from the area and would probably love to play for the steelers and shouldnt be very expensive for us to pick him up, unless Whisenhunt wants to play hardball....Johnson is a solid 6'3' receiver that could have success in Pittsburgh, and he's only 26 years old. Also, we could probably release wilson, and get johnson at a cheaper price.

    If we could really get Roy Williams wr from the Lions for a 2nd pick I would say do it.

    We want to be 3 and 4 wr set team. Well lets get some good ones.

    Williams can run and has the ability to go get the fade by the goalline. I do not think we would get him for a 2nd pick, but if we could he is better than any wr coming into the draft this year.

    As for Berrian is signing him realistic? Will he be asking way too much for the FO to even consider him? I only ask this because I believe with Holmes and Berrian on the outside and Hines in the slot it gives us a similar WR corps to the Patsies. Two big play guys on the outside and a reliable play-maker in the slot. If Ben couldn't be happy with that, what would make him happy? IMO he is the FA we should target this offseason. Anybody else think this would be a great pick-up?? Berrian is a proven WR with big-play capability. He averaged over 800 yds and 5 TD's over the past two seasons with a team and a QB that doesn't have any semblance of a passing game.He would help press the safeties and open up the underneath for Hines and Heath Miller. The O-line has nothing to do with signing Free Agents. I would think most on this board would agree that the FO is going to address that through the draft.

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    Berrian - will cost too much, they won't go after him with 2 viable starters right now and needs on the interior lines.

    Johnson - relative unknown, would come pretty cheap and would be an option at this point.

    Roy Williams?? - way too expensive, they'll never do it. The Steelers don't spend money in FA for guys like Roy Williams or Berrian. Bernard would be a great addition IMO but he'll never be here with the team wanting to concentrate on the big pay day for Ben.

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    i'd bust a nut if we got roy williams, the dude was a beast at ut, and he's been pretty good in the nfl.........but like tg said, he's to expensive, we are already grossly over paying troy, so i doubt we have any salary cap to do taht

    and **** the other two
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    a tall wr is key now in the league. it was not that important a few years ago, but now a tall wr is a qbs best friend.

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    if we got roy williams i would cry with joy

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    Well we all should already know the answer to this thread,,,,,,,
    We never go after high dollar free agents and I don't think we will this year either,,,,,,,

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    At 6'3", Johnson would be our tallest reciever. And he would be a cheap option, which everyone in StillerLand knows, the front office loves.....

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    I say Johnson or DJ Hackett if he isn't too expensive.

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    fitgerald is looking to move to a winner...
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    i think we need to go for roy williams. we need another reliable player to take some of the load off of hines

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