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    41 Super Bowls Down

    Super Bowl I: Green Bay: 35 Kansas City: 10
    MVP: Bart Starr

    Super Bowl II: Green Bay: 33 Oakland: 14
    MVP: Bart Starr

    Super Bowl III: New York Jets: 16 Baltimore Colts:7
    MVP: Joe Namath

    Super Bowl IV: Kansas City: 23 Minnesota: 7
    MVP: Len Dawson

    Super Bowl V: Baltimore Colts: 16 Dallas: 13
    MVP: Chuck Howley

    Super Bowl VI: Dallas: 24 Miami: 3
    MVP: Roger Staubach

    Super Bowl VII: Miami: 14 Washington: 7
    MVP: Jake Scott

    Super Bowl VIII: Miami: 24 Minnesota: 7
    MVP: Larry Csonka

    Super Bowl IX: Pittsburgh: 16 Minnesota: 6
    MVP: Franco Harris

    Super Bowl X: Pittsburgh: 21 Dallas: 17
    MVP: Lynn Swan

    Super Bowl XI: Oakland: 32 Minnesota: 14
    MVP: Fred Biletnikoff

    Super Bowl XII: Dallas: 27 Denver: 10
    co-MVPs: Randy White, Harvey Martin

    Super Bowl XIII: Pittsburgh: 35 Dallas: 31
    MVP: Terry Bradshaw

    Super Bowl XIV: Pittsburgh: 31 Los Angeles (Rams): 19
    MVP: Terry Bradshaw (Shoulda been Stallworth)

    Super Bowl XV: Oakland: 27 Philadelphia: 10
    MVP: Jim Plunkett

    Super Bowl XVI: San Francisco: 26 Cincinnati: 21
    MVP: Joe Montana

    Super Bowl XVII: Washington: 27 Miami: 17
    MVP: John Riggins

    Super Bowl XVIII: Los Angeles (Raiders): 34 Washington: 9
    MVP: Marcus Allen

    Super Bowl XIX: San Francisco: 38 Miami: 16
    MVP: Joe Montana

    Super Bowl XX: Chicago: 46 New England: 10
    MVP: Richard Dent

    Super Bowl XXI: New York Giants: 39 Denver: 20
    MVP: Phil Simms

    Super Bowl XXII: Washington: 42 Denver: 10
    MVP: Doug Williams

    Super Bowl XXIII: San Francisco: 20 Cincinnati: 16
    MVP: Jarry Rice

    Super Bowl XXIV: San Francisco: 55 Denver: 10
    MVP: Joe Montana

    Super Bowl XXV: New York Giants: 20 Buffalo: 19
    MVP: Ottis Anderson

    Super Bowl XXVI: Washington: 37 Buffalo: 24
    MVP: Mark Rypien

    Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas: 52 Buffalo: 17
    MVP: Troy Aikmen

    Super Bowl XXVIII: Dallas 30 Buffalo: 13
    MVP: Emmitt Smith

    Super Bowl XXIX: San Francisco: 49 San Diego: 26
    MVP: Steve Young

    Super Bowl XXX: Dallas: 27 Pittsburgh: 17
    MVP: Kneel O'Donnell.........I mean Larry Brown

    Super Bowl XXXI: Green Bay: 35 New England: 21
    MVP: Desmond Howard

    Super Bowl XXXII: Denver: 31 Green Bay: 24
    MVP: Terrell Davis
    *My Favorite Non-Steeler Super Bowl*

    Super Bowl XXXIII: Denver: 34 Atlanta: 19
    MVP: John Elway

    Super Bowl XXXIV: St. Louis: 23 Tennesse: 16
    MVP: Kurt Warner
    *Second Favorite Non-Steeler Super Bowl*

    Super Bowl XXXV: Baltimore Ravens: 34 New York Giants: 7
    MVP: Ray Lewis

    Super Bowl XXXVI: New England: 20 St. Louis: 17
    MVP: Tom "Fag Bait" Brady

    Super Bowl XXXVII: Tampa Bay: 48 Oakland: 21
    MVP: Dexter Jackson

    Super Bowl XXXVIII: New England: 32 Carolina: 29
    MVP: Tom "Fag Bait" Brady

    Super Bowl XXXIX: New England: 24 Philadelphia: 21
    MVP: Deion Branch

    Super Bowl: XL: Pittsburgh: 21 Seattle: 10
    MVP Hines Ward

    *Favorite Steelers Super Bowl*

    Super Bowl XLI: Indianapolis: 29 Chicago: 17
    MVP: Peyton Manning

    Super Bowl XLII: New York Giants:? New England:?
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