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Thread: Since the Super Bowl is on Fox this season...

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    Since the Super Bowl is on Fox this season...

    It will provide a good storyline if the Steelers should win the game and how Terry Bradshaw will react to Ben Roethlisberger on the stage with the Lombardi Trophy in his hands. Bradshaw is normally the guy on Fox like Nantz is for CBS who handles all the Trophy presentations and it will be very interesting to see if Ben and Bradshaw will bury the hatchet once and for all and see eye to eye on the stage should the Steelers win... Personally, I for one would love to see these two shake hands and make up and kind of mend fences and move on from here...

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    Too bad Bradshaw would be diplomatic about it. When Franco presented the Lamarr Hunt trophy yesterday, he was as excited as the players. I really enjoyed seeing that.
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    I think ben will be cordial to terry, but i can't believe ben will forget all the things terry has spouted off this year...if there was one person who i thought would have some sympathy for ben, it would have been terry, but terry is a strange never know what you're going to get from him, and personally i'm a big terry fan, but i think ben feels at least a little betrayed by terry...hopefully after we win we can all get along ben and terry will be beautiful watching goodell have to hand the lombardi trophy to james harrison and the mvp trophy to ben, gonna be sweet #7 is within our grasps...go steelers

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    This is hilarious because I was thinking the same thing

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    Terry was a beast as a player, but his schtick as a country boy is rather annoying. I think he is pretty insecure which is why he crashes and burns with people. Ben seems like a guys guy (no pun intended), who probably could care less about Bradshaw...but you know he wants one more ring than Terry has.

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    every step ben gets closer to dominating everything bradshaw ever did the more bradshaw hates him

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    If we win the SB the last thing on Ben's mind is going to be what Terry said to or about him. I say that for 2 reasons, 1st he will be so excited, relieved, happy that he won't care. 2nd I really believe that Ben has put it all behind him. I think he knows that he's a different person and he's happy with that. What Terry says or did say has no bearing on him.

    Terry will be nothing put professional on the stage. Deep down I'd guess he's pulling for the Packers.
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    I love Bradshaw. Great player, but a major headcase. ever see that feature about about him on the history of the Steelers dvd? Seems like a very bitter guy. Bradshaw has been giving ben his props over the playoffs. Hopefully they'll bury the hatchet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    every step ben gets closer to dominating everything bradshaw ever did the more bradshaw hates him
    At least twice over the last 6 games or so Terry did compliment Ben and give him props for his play. He seems to be softening a bit but that could just be posturing.

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    First and foremost, this will mean no Nantz and no Simms.

    In regards to possiblity of TB and Ben being on stage together, let's win the damn game first and worry about this later. For the sake of conversation though, TB was my idol growing up but even I know when to say "Shut the hell up Terry." He will be fine and so will Ben.
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