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Thread: Why Mrs. Swiss Hates the Steelers..

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    I am amazed you are still married! Well at least you know she loves you
    This was really funny to read. The part about hitting your son on the nose was my favorite.
    I would watch a Steelers game during my honeymoon if I ever get married. And I do admit I took a small palm sized tv to a wedding. I didn't bring it out until the reception and we had the most popular table because all the guys kept stopping by to ask about the score.

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    LOL, pretty good story!

    I'm A "Champion"

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    Quote Originally Posted by vtwin_gary View Post
    great piece, i'm not sure if i want my wife to read it.
    on one hand she'll see there is at least one fan worse than me...
    on the other hand it can still get worse.
    I agree...
    I think my fiance' remembers me walking around the house calling fred taylor every name you could think of when he ran for 234 yards and 3 TD's, 3catches 14 yds and a TD against Pitt. on 11-19-00,
    I don't think she ever thought she would ever hear those words come out of my mouth and I didn't either... that PUTZ!!!!
    Oakland, Where Careers Go To Die!!!!!

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    Super funny article.

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    Props to Anthony

    Anthony is one tough young man, taking one for the team and then volunteering for more.

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    I have been that bad. I have missed tons of funerals for a Steeler game. I know that over the 14 years I have been married I have drove my wife nuts. However she never says anything to me about my Steeler addiction because she knows no matter how long we are together she may win the war, but that battle she better never fight because it would be over faster then a road runner fart.

    James Harrison - "Right now, you know, some people may want to jump on the Steelers bandwagon.
    Don't do that. We don't need you. We didn't need you at the beginning, we don't need you now."

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    Good read, lucky for me Mrs. jpele loves the Steelers and my entire family knows better than to schedule anything during game days.
    It's no fun when the rabbit has the gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpele View Post
    Good read, lucky for me Mrs. jpele loves the Steelers and my entire family knows better than to schedule anything during game days.
    same here, if we HAVE to go to my mother in laws she knows that the game will be on upstairs and if we are losing there will be curse words yelled. My wife is luckily a huge Steelers fan as well and hates when we are losing, the only time I will cuss in front of the kids.
    I like big hits and I cannot lie

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    That's funny! We have the opposite situation here...My husband hates football. He has control of the remote all year EXCEPT my 17+ weeks of football...he is then assigned to the small TV in the bedroom to watch his westerns or whatever!!!

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