Looking at the draft, I think we should pick the best play available. The question I have is if Godser Cherilus is there do we take him. He will be a monster right tackle. I would rather find a left tackle since those are more important, but if he is there should we be complaining about getting a monster right tackle. I think with the state of our line we need to take the best lineman no matter what. I think I'd still consider Baker first, but Cherilus looked real impressive at the Senior Bowl. I have absolutely no problem with taking Cherilus. He will be a solid RT for 10 years. It's been a while since we had a really great RT. His long arms and big hands will make him a solid pass protector and his natural size will get a good push in the run game.

The more I watch him the more I am getting worried at our chances at drafting Cherilus.

The qb's are not that elite this year, so alot of teams might wait until rnd 2 to take a qb,

The Ravens, Bears, and Falcon, and possibly Lions who could all use a qb, might take the OT in the first round instead.

I am thinking he might be a top 15 pick, and in that case he is long off the board.