By Swissvale72

It’s the Winter of our Discontent. Loooong-*** off-season to ponder the Heinz Debacle of January 5th.

I’ll get right to the point. Here’s a list of **** I Don’t Wanna Hear:

1. It wasn’t that bad of a call on 3rd & 6: Bullshit it wasn’t! Let’s take a look at the sub-factors here….in this case, Sub-**** I Don’t Wanna Hear.
a. Jax had to use their timeouts: Why? Hell, they got the ball back with 2:38 left, still with a timeout and expended that on a challenge that clearly wasn’t going to be overtuned. And no….I wouldn’t have been bitching had Ben thrown, and it was incomplete on 3rd.
b. What if Ben was intercepted? Chickenshit answer. Ben was hot as hell in the 2nd half. The priority was keeping the ball, potentially exhausting the clock. Two first downs would have completely used the clock. The highest percentage play to pick up the 1st down was letting Ben throw it.

2. Was a rookie mistake. Give Tomlin a break: **** that ****!! Every man, woman, child watching this game knew throwing for the first down was the thing to do. Additionally, Jax had called a timeout directly preceding this play. Steelers had eons to decide on the right play, and they come up with that bullshit!! We entrust our football team to this kid; he ****s it up!!
3. Don’t bitch a bout the holding; you sound like a Seahawks fan: **** that ****, too!! Major difference….these calls were wrong. I’ll bitch all I want….for as long as I want. We got hosed on the 3rd & 2 Gerrard run.
4. We would’ve lost to the Pats anyway…then you’d be even more upset: Nope, were that to happen, that would’ve been next week, meaning that there would only be two weekends of football….3 games total to suffer through without our Steelers. Now….hell…7 games….3 weekends…an eternity. Plus…just like with Indy two years ago, I’d be on these websites, I’d be on the streets of Pats country, proclaiming it, “We’re gonna beat the Pats; 5>3.” Had it happened….I would’ve been insane…..would’ve been PEIS personified. Woulda been screaming out the back door, driving through the New England streets, honking the horn, waving the Terrible Towel. We’ve been deprived of the opportunity.
5. Let it go….it was a better season than we could have hoped for: This is on par to being told “it was God’s will” at the funeral home when a loved one dies.
6. Grow up….you can’t let this go, you need professional help: **** you!! I don’t care if I need professional help…ain’t gonna get it!! Actually, I once asked one of the high-powered clinical social workers that I employ as a consultant if I was normal, said…”Bob….what’s wrong with me. WHY do I care so much about this football team…don’t know any of ‘em…..gotta go to work the next day whether they win or lose. Whattsamatterwithme?? Bob’s response, “It’s the Madness. In order to experience the highs, you’ve got to risk the lows.” Was all I needed to hear; haven’t looked back.