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Thread: K Trains Draft ideas

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    bettis was always a special player, and he wasnt always fat. Out of HS he was recruited to ND, one of the top schools for prospects to get into to even when they suck like they do now. He was a first round pick because he was an animal plain and simple, a powerful man with feet like a ****ing ballet dancer and sensational vision. When he started getting up there in years, getting hurt more, getting slower and fatter he was still productive cause of his footwork...not to mention a beastly offensive line. People will never realize that hes a one of a kind player and labling every fat black dude out of college that someone plugged into an offense the next bettis makes me want to club a baby seal

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    Agreed. People are idiots. What once was will never be agian. F8cking get used to it. I am glad that the offense has changed. Now people fear the QB instaaed of just keying in on the power running game.

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