Ok here is a list I'm going to work on form on until April. Instead of going position by position needs, I'm going by player. These are players I think we need and that I want.

-Any of these OT: Jake Long, Jeff Otah and Gosder Cherilus. Those should be our target OL. We have needed a tackle since last year and the situation is just getting worse and worse. This reminds me of our QB situation a few years back when we had an aging Tommy Maddox. We need a franchise tackle in the worst way. Long would be the best, but I seriously doubt he lasts past pick 5. Now that leaves Otah and Cherilus. Otah might be a better pick because he from Pitt and they have more of a power attack where as Cherilus comes from a zone scheme.

-Dan Conner, Dan Conner, Dan Conner. He is clearly the best ILB in this draft and rightfully so. HE comes from Linebacker U and is as solid as it gets at ILB. I mean for those of you who watched Farrior this year can agree that he's lost a step. Now that the reform at LB has begun under Tomlin, the next step is to get a young ILB to replace Farrior

-Mike Hart or any Powerback for that matter. Mike Hart is one tough hombre. He can really run people over despite his small 5'9" frame. He doesn't fumble the ball and at one point had over 1,000 carries without a fumble (that's good). According to newerascouting.com, he is a good pass blocker. The point is: we need a better change of pace back than Najeh. I don't think Najeh is good enough. This guy would fit our system. Scouting Report

-Mario Uurutia: A very tall WR. Ok, we have our small, deep threat WR in Santonio now can we please get a tall WR? I don't miss Plax, but I miss have a tall threat. Mario was productive at Louisville and has decent speed. another name to consider is D.J. Hall from Alabama. Has some speed to go along with a 6'3" frame.

Wants (probably won't happen):
-Chris Long: I watched this guy closly at UVA and every week he impressed more. Has tremendous fire. The guy never disappears in big games. Even when he had Strep Throat against the Hokies this year he had a good, forcing a fumble. I mean you want a scary stat: Chris recorded 14 sacks this year in a 3-4 defense. A beast, but he will be gone in the Top 3. Just too good for anyone to pass up.

-Jake Long: See above. No relation to Chris.

That's it for now, I mean can anyone else think of anything I missed?