With the very tough schedule next year, I think just winning the division title again and getting a ticket to the playoffs will make for a successful season. I think '09 is the year for our SB run.

As far as changes:

1. We need to draft a stud OT in the 1st round

2. Somewhere on day 1 of the draft, we need to draft a DE who can push Keisel for the starting job.

3. I loved what Haggans has done for us, especially in '05, but it is time to let Woodley start at LOLB.

4. If we don't re-sign Faneca, w e are going to have to figure out who put at LG. A draft pick? Mahan? Kemoeatu? Colon? My money is on Colon.

5. Coaching changes must be made. Our ST coach has got to go. Its just one embarassing moment after another. I would also look at dumping our O-line coach. While I know maybe the talent isn't there, there are some teams who are getting alot more out of their guys with even less talent.

6. Continue to get Heath Miller involved. The addition of Matt Spaeth has definitely allowed Miller more opportunities. With Spaeth staying behind to block, Miller has been allowed to run more patterns and made t he most out of it this season.

7. We need to add another WR into the mix, whether its via draft or FA. In this particular case, I think I'd rather go FA.

8. Make a decision on Lawrence Timmons. He was a young junior coming out, so not contributing much to his first season was not a big shocker. Now the question is, where will he contribute in Year 2? He sure isn't going to start. Atleast I don't think so. Harrison-Farrior-Foote-Woodley will make a formidable LB corps. Would the coaching staff allow Timmons to go toe-to-toe with Foote for the starting job and possibly leave a veteran with a big contract on the bench?

9. I know we were missing Fast Willie last night, but we have to figure out where we are going with our stable of undrafted/backup guys. Najeh, Russell, Davis, Kreider & Haynes. Unfortuantely, I think Kreider is gone as he is a UFA. It's been a great ride for him and he's done alot for the Steelers running game. This won't be the first time I mention this guys name: Owen Schmitt. He can replace the roles of everybody listed above, which would save alot of roster spots, of course keep Najeh around just as a change of pace back. He is a FB w ho is a devastating lead blocker, is a power down-hill runner, has great hands out of the backfield, a born leader, and is more or less Jack Lambert at the FB pos