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Thread: Things we need to do to beat the Jags in my opinion...

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    Things we need to do to beat the Jags in my opinion...

    1) Win the turnover battle.

    2) Play 8 in the box to stop the run on early downs. Sell out to stop the run. If anyone on the Jags is going to beat us, lets make sure its Garrard, not Taylor / Drew. Remember,just a year ago, Garrard wasn't good enough to beat out Byron Leftwich, so lets put the game on his shoulders.

    3) Play ball control offense. Stick with the run, even if it is ineffective early. Playing this style of offense should keep the game close, and wear down their d-line in the 2nd half.

    4) Directional punt / pooch kick. This should be a close game, and a special teams TD could be the difference. Let's not let Jones-Drew make the play. Give up 10 yards of field position to eliminate the possibility of the back-breaker Special teams play.

    5) Involve Heath Miller and Matt Spaeth. The weakness of the Jags defense is their Linebackers and Safeties, and their best LB, Mike Peterson, is injured. Our TEs should be able to take advantage.

    6) Be aware of the Draw play on 3rd down. In the first matchup this season, the Jags killed us by converting a number of 3rd and 5+ yards by successfully running draw plays. Our D-line needs to stay honest, and not sell out to get to the QB.

    If we can keep the game close into the 4th quarter, I like our chances. Our team is battle-tested, with most of our key players having won a SB ring, so they know what it takes to win the big game. The Jags, on the other hand, have few players with any significant playoff experience. While we haven't been playing well recently, you know our team will be up for this game, and I have a feeling D1ck Lebeau has been holding back a bit in recent games to save some new stuff for the playoffs that our opponents will not be prepared for.

    As long as we play smart, I see the Steelers heading for a rematch with the Pats.

    Pittsburgh 24, Jacksonville 20.

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    I think throwing the ball early to build a lead is huge....With Aaron Smith out this team hasn't been able to stop the run....But I agree with much you said in this thread.....

    Getting the TEs involved in the passing game is huge and watching out for the draw plays is key also...

    The defense must maintain their gap responsibilities and must finish their tackles......

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    you forgot 1 thing, how about keeping Ben off his back, that's a very aggressive pass rush against our very banged up O-line

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    #1 We must stop the run ! Also like B&G32 said we need to get a lead early
    and take them outta there running game and make gerard beat us,,,,,,,

    #2 We need to control the clock & protect Big Ben

    #3 Just win the dam game,,,,,,,,Running the ball,passing the ball "whatever"
    Let's just play steeler football and move onto the next round~~~

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    Agree, now if we can only execute.

    I'm A "Champion"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stlrs4Life View Post
    Agree, now if we can only execute.
    This is probably the biggest thing to this game.... EXECUTE !!!

    BITE ME ICS!...Woodsonsgirl

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    If we don't loosen up that pass rush by running the ball and/or using the short passing game it's going to be a lost cause because the Jags won't respect our run at all and they'll try everything possible to pin their ears back and try to come after Ben especially on his blind side where all the injuries have happened. Couple that with Mahan getting pushed back right into Ben's face all the time and it's going to be crucial for us to keep them honest by using the short the intermediate passing game for as long as it takes to get them to stop sending so many people at us.

    The Jags are very hard to run against because they are stoudt up front so they don't always have to blitz to get pressure but when they do blitz it's extra hard to stop them because their front line is very adept at holding their blocks and getting pressure. If Najeh can get through the first wave and into the second wave on a regular basis that will help but I have a feeling Ben is going to need to use the TE's a lot and the short passing game as second form of the running game to keep the pressure off him. If we can do that it will force them to keep more guys off us and open up the run.

    Basically it's all about scoring TD's every chance we get and we've got to sustain drives and keep our defense off the field and fresh for the game because the Jags will no doubt run, run, run, on us unless we prove we can stop it. The only way to do that is to control the clock and get up on them early to make them 1 dimensional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlacknGold Bleeder View Post
    This is probably the biggest thing to this game.... EXECUTE !!!
    That hits the nail on the head. Execution is key and the Steelers have been lacking at this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stlrs4Life View Post
    Agree, now if we can only execute.

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    1. To put into effect; carry out
    2. To perform; do
    3. To create in accordance with a prescribed design.
    4. To make valid, as by signing
    5. To perform or carry out what is required by
    6. To put to death, especially by carrying out a lawful sentence.
    7. Computer Science To run

    I like #6 myself. I agree with everyone else except for "
    Basically it's all about scoring TD's every chance we get
    Sorry TG we just need to score 3or6 it doesn't matter. First off it's time the Jags won't have to score and secondly points that they don't score. When we played Dolphins I was happy we only scored 3 just because the Dolphins didn't score anything. People usually can't remember scores but they can remember how won and who lost. If we can't get 6 and don't need 6 I'll be happy getting the 3. Defense not playing so hot. Offensive line is just that offensive. I just want a win.

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