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Thread: Giants fans Hating on Steelers & Seahawks

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    Eli<Big Ben
    Eli is the most overated QB in the league

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    The giants are the ones that are overrated. Why? Because they have Eli Manning. Eli is overrated and a b*tch. His main receiver is the trash of the Steelers...when we got rid of Plax we won a Super Bowl. Plax, if you wanna b*tch about who f*cked up in the AFCCG against NE maybe it was you're finger pointin attitude.....since we managed to win the Super Bowl after you left.

    I have a message for all New York football teams. 1) You all play in New Jersey. Last time I heard New Jersey is not in New York. Newark has more claim to those teams. 2) The letters "NY" and "NY JETS" are not significant enough to anyone else in the world to warrant classification as a team logo. If I want to see such a pathetically dressed group of football players I'll watch the first 45 minutes of "The Waterboy." Go back to 5th grade and learn US geography. Then take a damn art class and figure out how to be original. To be really mean...your city don't deserve to host the Olympics since we all know that if you did New Jersey would be hostin most of the events.

    News bulletin from 2044: Meadowlands, NJ (AP): The two franchises of the New York Giants and New York Jets have decided to make plans to build a new stadium after determining that their current stadium, opened in 2010, is insufficient to fulfill the two franchises current needs. Discussions for where to erect the new stadium lead to much debate as to whether the teams should remain in New Jersey or be moved a site that is more representive of the city and fanbases they represent. Along with these feelings was the acknowledgement by both organizations that the area of northern New Jersey where the current stadium is located has become too far deteriorated to set a proper landscape against the image of a new stadium. It was unknown what factors contributed to this extensive deterioration of the area although it was decided that it was in the teams' and city's best interest not to inquire further upon the issue or to mention any such feelings to the public for fear of receiving an overly negative reaction from the residents and businesses of the area. In the end it was voted that the new home of both teams would be built at a location much closer and in line with the image of their home city. The new approved new site of the Jets/Giants stadium: Greenwich, Connecticut.


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    Eli really isnt overrated.. I have to disagree.. He is starting to come around..

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    I think overhyped is the better word. They make it sound like he is the second coming of Jesus at times. Let the guy do something in this league first. This is the year that should tell us a lot about him.

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