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Thread: 2002 AFC Wild Card Game CLE at PIT

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    That hit by Woodson was awesome! That's one of the reason's I bought his Couple years later he leaves!

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    That's always the way it is for me, almost everytime I get a jersey the player ends up leaving the team a couple years later ! All the older player jersey's I have hanging up I could almost make a whole team of players who arent there any more !

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    I remember that Cleveland-Pittsburgh game like it was yesterday. My wife and I was actually watching that game together. That was the first time my wife wanted the Steelers to kick the hell out of the Browns. We had a baby kitten, Miss Kitty, on the bed, sleeping as sound. When Chris Mu'-Malafala ran into the end zone to take a one point lead. We was so damn loud cheering and whooping, that kitten was so scared, ran and did a major backflip off the bed and went under it. I WAS LAUGHING HARD WHEN I SAW THAT. I never seen a kitten jump as high as this one did and do a major backflip. That poor thing stayed under the bed the rest of the day and night. LMAO. That was some memories.

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    good teams, if healthy, just find a way to win.
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