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Thread: Steeler Fans t over take M&T Stadium?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOP GUN View Post

    If my wife didn't have her work christmas part tomorrow night I'd be going to this for sure
    I was just about to say, "where's your tickets/seats Matt."

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerNut View Post
    Their saying on the Bengals forum that the reason is because all the really queer people go to those games in Baltimore and that's why'd you have so many Steeler Nation people willing to go... to have but sex in the bathrooms. Can you believe that?!!! The nerve!!!
    What???!!!! The Bungholes have absolutely no room to talk! I was back home, in Pittsburgh, for the holidays. (I live in Georgia now but am moving back to the Burgh in April, thank God) I had to stop in Cincinnatti for gas on the way back to Georgia. Of course I was completely decked out in black and gold from head to toe. I got out of my SUV to pay for gas and the gentleman next to me pumping gas, who was a Cinci native, was sporting black and gold too! At 3 a.m. in the morning, we started the "Here we go, Steelers" chant! I love it!
    RIDICULOUSLY good looking...

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    I'll be there! The parking sucks *** in Balt. We'll be getting there early for the tailgate (Ratbird Roost Fans from work). Should be a lot of fun at "Three Rivers South".

    see you all there

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    Well, at least our fans showed up, cause our team didn't.

    I'm A "Champion"

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