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Just got in fellas .... all I can say is , "Pure slop" .... Regardless of this late comeback attempt, this is not a good football team. They're very average at best. My guess is that we're not going deep into the playoffs. Big off-season changes need to happen for us to effectively compete with the leagues elite again.

Tomlin deserves a good deal of my criticism of this team. They are not focused nor are they prepared. They haven't been for over a month now.

I have watched the last 3 or 4 pats games and I've noticed that Belichick is constanting talking to his defense after each series. Why do I feel that Tomlin is just taking up space on the sideline? He looks totally disinterested at times and his team is absolutely reflecting that attitude, and not just today, but for at leats the last 5-6 games!

I'm beginning to like Tomlin less and less. This team is getting worse as the year goes on. What the hell do they do all week in practice???
I really started liking Tomlin less and less after the Broncos game....Then the Jets loss really put me over the edge with Mike.....I'm willing to cut him slack since he is a rookie HC.....But I agree with many of your points....