Yes the 35th anniversary of that play is tomorrow. It is a wonderful story that should be retold as often as possible, but we all know the details, the drama, and how Art Rooney actually missed the play because he was
in the elevator, on his way to the Steeler team locker room because he figured the game was over and the Stillers lost.

Art Rooney went to Mass every morning of his life. I always thought The Immaculate Reception was The Chief's miracle. In the season the birth of The Prince of Peace and the miracle of Hanukkah; it was appropriate that Mr. Rooney's faith was rewarded like The tribes who wandered the desert for forty years.

The question I have for all of you is where were you at the moment of The Immaculate Reception? What was your immediate reaction? I am sure we have some great stories about that.

I was in front of my tv and screamed a couple 4 letter words.