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Thread: 12.16.07 Steelers vs Jaguars Poem

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    12.16.07 Steelers vs Jaguars Poem

    It wasn’t the Blizzard Bowl but it was still pretty bad
    This was a Christmas trip for me, Mom, and Dad

    The weather was nasty, the wind really blowing
    And Florida teams shouldn’t do so well when it’s snowing

    Jacksonville had success with many passes caught
    Then there was Fred Taylor who was able to run a lot

    Steelers got behind for most of the game
    And it was no one but themselves that they could blame

    They managed a comeback – the score was now tied
    It was a game that overtime might have to decide

    The Jags missed 2 extra points but it didn’t mean a thing
    It was the final minute of play that would really sting

    We had a chance to win and we just might have done it
    Jacksonville was able to score more and they won it

    Because of a bad spot we turned it over on downs
    And unfortunately we’re tied again with the Browns

    Two games to go – the outcome still unclear
    It’s going to be a fight for the division this year

    We head to St. Louis after only 4 days
    Hoping the Steelers can return to winning ways

    Christmas is coming and we’re all hoping we will see
    Two Steeler wins and a division title under our tree

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    Really well done. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelersGirlTN7 View Post

    Christmas is coming and we’re all hoping we will see
    Two Steeler wins and a division title under our tree
    very nice job!!!

    Thanks for the sig Flea

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    Awesome. Loved it!

    Let's just hope that Steelers pride makes them win the division--they CAN'T give it to the Browns!

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