Or the scrutiny and the amount of heat he is going to take from the media and especially the fans will be Tomlin's worst nightmare. Right now the way things set up it is not impossible for the Steelers to miss the playoffs. First off, a win this week means nothing pretty much unless the Browns and Titans lose this week the Steelers will not clinch ****, so as far as this week goes in terms of clinching a playoff birth the Steelers do not control their own destiny. If the Browns and Titans do win out and the Steelers win in St Louis and lose in Baltimore they will miss the playoffs. Now I know that is a long shot and it will take a loss by the Steelers against a pathetic Baltimore team to do so but its not like you sit there and say omg that is impossible and wont happen at all that is not the case here at all. The Browns finish up with the Bengals on the road and the Niners at home two teams they can definitely beat and probably should beat. So the odds of them winning out are a lot better then them losing out if push comes to shove. As for the Titans they need to beat the Jets in Tennessee this week which probably will happen, and they also need to beat the Colts in Indy. Now I know many of you are probably thinking the Titans have no shot to beat the Colts in Indy. Well guess what they just might because the Colts this past weekend already wrapped up a first round bye and are going to have absolutely nothing to play for at all that last week. That could mean Peyton Manning sitting out the majority of that game and putting Jim Sorgi in for him,and Addai and Wayne sitting out as well along with a lot of the Colts D which is banged up. Now Tennessee normally plays Indy tough no matter who is playing, but if you factor in that the Colts might not play their starters the whole game combined with the fact the Titans are going to be desperate and do anything to win that game then the odds very much favor the Titans to win that game by a fluke or just by playing over their heads knowing their fighting for their playoff lives.

So the bottom line is the Steelers had BETTER WIN these last 2 games to assure themselves that this doesnot indeed happen. And the way the Steelers have played on the road this year losing to a bad Jets team and in Denver and Arizona nothing is for sure at all. Keep in mind also Baltimore always plays the Steelers tough in Baltimore no matter how good they are, and they are going to want payback for that Monday night *** whooping they got here back in November. And also factor in that if Baltimore loses to us that last week they would have finished the year on a 10 game losing streak and going 0-6 within the AFC North both of those are very tough to do and you can bet the Ravens are not going to want to do neither of them.

So Ill finish up by saying one more time Mike Tomlin had better have this team focused and ready to go these last 2 weeks and prepared to play and win. Because if he would dare miss the playoffs and go from 9-3 and first place to choking away a wildcard spot, his credibility from here on out and as long as he coaches this Steelers team will be shot and he is going to take a ton of heat from the fanbase here. They will be his worst enemy. It will also be a bad sign to come for the next few years under Tomlin's guidance because if he collapses like this his first year under the job then what does that mean for years to come under him?? I dont think it will happen, but Im just saying if it does Mike Tomlin better go crawl under a rock with the rest of this sub par coaching staff because they are going to have a rain of **** put on them like they have never seen before.