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Thread: Mike Tomlin had better at least get this team in the playoffs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee Mca View Post
    I'd rather see Ben and the offense on the field more tonight then the defense. Long drives lots of running plays and short passes. Don't give the Rams time for their big plays.
    Definately the short passes down the field. We can do that well! They need to be patient and just take their time to get in for the 6!

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    honestly i think tomlin worked them 2 hard this year, it's shows n the beginning of the year they were getting at the q.b they were covering better, i just think they r tired they will either have 2 adjust or tomlin will have 2 tone it down n the preseason, they needed the work, an it made them better prepared 4 the 1st half of the season but they r winded even d-sep lol he's punting like chris gardoki lol,

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    Those performances by the defense the last 2 weeks are things I sure as hell hoped they learned from. You can't just blow them off as an apparition and be like "oh well we have to move on and forget about this"..they damn well better have watched those tapes a billion times and got more angry by the minute so they are pissed off and ready for revenge.

    Bad games are a learning tool so I hope they took advantage of it.

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