Below are the 2008 salary cap estimates for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Data on workout bonuses and incentives may not be fully recognized due to lack of available data. The 2008 Cap Hit reflects the salary, roster bonuses, and estimated LTBE incentive amounts.

The "Cut Pre 6/1" and "Cut Post 6/1" columns are the amounts that an individual player would count against the cap if he were to be cut from the roster. In order to calculate cap savings, take the "Cap Hit" minus the "Cut Pre 6/1" columns. For instance, Larry Foote has a cap hit of $3,387,500 if he's on the roster. If cut pre 6/1, his cap hit will be $2,095,000 for a savings of $1,292,500; if cut post 6/1, his cap hit is $1,047,500 for a savings of $2,340,000.

The 2008 cap is estimated to be $116 million dollars.