I'll tell you what I think we are missing:

1 - The Bus
2 - Kreider
3 - A tough OL
4 - Pass rush!

OK, I know we won't get Bettis back but he is #1 for a reason, ATTITUDE! This team isn't tough anymore. This team doesn't run people over like Bettis did. You take Kreider and let him hit someone, then you take Bettis and hit them again. Guess what, they don't like that much.....lol And that doesn't even add in Ward getting some shots in.
Don't get me wrong, I like Parker to an extent. But that is about it. Hate when they run him in the red zone and in short yardage but think he is great between the 20's.
I agree this OL is one of the worst I've seen the Steelers have.
I think some of the problems on D stems from the offense not being able to run the ball like we use to. Not all problems but some. Our D plays so much better when we can run the ball and control the clock and tempo. Keyword - TEMPO! Just controlling TOP isn't everything. When you run with power and push the other team around the D reacts to that and does the same.
If we keep going the way we are going (speed and soft) we need to change the D up to match. We need some cover corners and a DL or two that can rush the QB. I just don't think the way our O and D play compliment each other very well this year.
And the ST's sucks as always!
Anyways, just my opinions and really needed to get them off my chest...

Oh ya, where can I get some of those glasses K???