Against the Rams and Baltimore. Even if the Steelers beat the Rams now they still dont even clinch a playoff spot yet and have to wait till Sunday to get help from either the Browns losing or the Titans losing because its a non conference win. The Ravens have just lost to the Dolphins too which is not good at all because it means they are going to be on a 9 game losing streak going into our game because they are not going to beat Seattle next week in Seattle. So you can bet your last dollar that the Ravens are going to play all out that last week against the Steelers to ruin their division title chances or god forbid their playoff chances for that matter which is no longer a mortal lock. A Steelers loss to the Rams on Thursday night and this team has a 65-75 percent chance of missing the playoffs. They hung with Green Bay for a good part of that game today so the Steelers had better show up Thursday night and be ready to play because you know the Rams will especially since it will be Marshall Faulk night and they will be retiring his number.