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Thread: This Is A Real Insulting Pic, I Am Very Ticked Off

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    Now that's just beyond classless. I mean, it's one thing to say something like that about Roethlisberger, because we're rivals, and they still can't get over Palmer's injury from last year. But to bring Trent Green into this?? My God! I want to find the little punk who made this and pummel him beyond recognition! That's not being part of a rivalry, that's just being an *******. It was disgusting enough when those faggots in Tennessee did that thing about Maddox getting hurt, but to point to the fact that you hurt somebody from ANOTHER TEAM that isn't part of the rivalry, and brag about that and suggest it will happen again? What the **** is wrong with those bastards? Not only was Bengals fans lack of sympathy for the Chiefs absolutely terrible, considering the fact that they had been in the same situation and bitched about it incessently, but now to use that as something to brag about, and threaten other people with? Subhuman. That's what that is. Whatever little jackass made this deserves to have a 300lb football player jack him up with a helmet to bare head hit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    i think we should make willie parker eat lots and lots of cake so we have a power running game

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    Quote Originally Posted by suitanim View Post
    Actually, the way Ben played compared to the way Charlie played, the Bengals fans wishing Ben injury might come back to bite them in the ***...
    I think I know what you mean here Suit but it makes no sense. Batch had a great 1st game. Ben will be fine once him and the offense get in line together. It was his first game out and that is after having surgery 2 weeks earlier. I'd be looking for Ben to have a big game this week now that he has some playing time.

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