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Thread: Jaguars vs. Steelers (Wk. 15)

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    sorry for your loss yall The Jags whooped our cans last week so I know how ya feel. Losing sucks! Better luck next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forged in Steel View Post
    I HATE THE JAGUARS! That game almost could have been called, The Steel City Miracle (Part ?)
    why hate the jags? They came, gave the Steelers a Turnover, tested the Steelers O line... exposed our run D.. nothing to hate.. just be grateful that we are still in the play-off hunt and HEAPS of concerns to mend. Not getting these issues addressed before the play-offs, then it was fun while we won but the team just ain't up for it. I prefer to lose to a team that wins with good play instead of losing to a team that gets lucky with dubious calls and wins really ugly.  10

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