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  • Yes, FIRST Ballot, He Surpassed Swann and Stallworth!!!

    11 39.29%
  • Yes, but not the first Ballot!!!

    13 46.43%
  • Depends on who else is on the ballot

    3 10.71%
  • No, he was never the Leading WR in the league when he played

    1 3.57%
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Thread: Is Hines BUST worthy!?!?!?!

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    Is Hines BUST worthy!?!?!?!

    NO!! Not a BUST on the field, but a BRONZE BUST!!! In a season in where he has broke so many career records and surpassed not 1 but 2 HOF's... do you BELIEVE Hines Ward SHOULD get into Canton!!?!?!?!?

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    not sure about 1st ballot, but he's definitely a hall of famer.....and the super bowl mvp will help him more than his numbers
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    Definitely not a 1st ballot. No way in hell he gets in that quick. But I do think he deserves it. He broke the records of 2 HOFers, he does have that SB MVP, and he is a great all around WR. His numbers aren't flashy enough for alot of the voters, but I think he should get some credit for, well, not quite revolutionizing the WR position, but re-revolutionizing it, being such a great blocker and being more than just a specialist.
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    If guys like Chad Johnson and TO and the likes get in then Hines should be a sure thing

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    Yeah Hines will be a shoe in for the HOF when he is eligible. As far as a first ballot, I don't think he'll do that unless he finishes out his career with atleast 1 more SB and a couple more pro bowl appearances but nonetheless he'll get in, in time...

    -4 time pro bowler
    -Super bowl MVP
    -Team MVP
    -All time Steelers leader in TD catches
    -By the end of the year he'll be the all time leader in yards as well.

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    Yes he should make it....Don't know about first ballot.....But I think he deserves to be in Canton, Ohio....He has never been on a pass happy team except for 2002 and 2003....When Tommy Gunn became the starting QB for the Steelers.....So that should be considered and plus his all around talents for the game.....

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    We'll have to wait and see what kind of numbers he has when he decides to hang up the cleats. If he were to retire tomorrow, my vote would be "NO" .... not even close.

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    How can you even say he wouldn't atleast deserve a shot at the HOF. He's got the team numbers, a super bowl MVP, team mvp, 4 pro bowls, he's a feared receiver in the game, a great success story coming from a 3rd round pick and ST player to a starting WR and breaking team records all over the place.

    Will he ever have Jerry Rice numbers, no of course not, he's not in that type of offense but what he's done since he's been a Steeler is certainly worthy of a bid to the HOF, not necessarily a 1st round ballot yet by any means but it could easily happen. He'll easily pass 10,000 yds before his career is over and that's nothing to sneeze at considering the run oriented offense he's been in since he got here.
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    If Art Monk can't get in with these numbers;
    Rec. Yards YPC TD's
    940 12721 13.5 68

    Then how will Hines, as of now get in with these numbers?
    Rec. Yards YPC Td's
    710 8651 12.2 64

    I am a diehard fan like the rest of you, but, I think Ward will not go in first ballot and will have a hard time after that unless the HOF commitee has alot of Steeler fans on it.
    Heck I would rather see LC Greenwood get in first before Hines and Bettis. IMO

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