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Thread: Here's what's really bothering me ...

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    What I don't understand is why the heck they show Hines and Santonio getting their nails done on national TV and I love my Hines but instead of showing that stuff they should be showing them getting physical on the field!! I want to see our Steelers playing physical football like we did against the Ravens and the Bengals! NOW that is always physical where we jack their guys up! WHY can't we play like that every week!! those boys were hurting after their games with us! yes our playcalling has been horrible! We are a running team and i'm just need seeing any impressive running! We're a mess and we better clean it up or we aint going to the playoffs!!!!

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    i don't care what anyone says. our guys were scared of the patsies! that's right, scared. and, if the players weren't scared, the coaches certainly were. i can imagine bruce "the idiot" arians standing on the sideline, scratching his head, wondering why the hines ward reverse didn't work on fourth and goal. hey bruce, i have an idea, why don't you shove the ball down their friggin throats on first and goal instead of playing hanky-panky with their 400 year old linebackers?!! the steelers aren't playing their game. i don't care who is making guarantees! since when do the steelers play 5 wide with no back on the goal line? tomlin is the head coach, right? doesn't he have a say when it comes to dumb *** plays? 200 million steelers fans see it the same way. why can't a handful of coaches get their shiat together? i'm just sayin...
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