Great players do not need groomed to play. We could go through a litany of names of HOF players who stepped in as rookies and made huge impacts.

Jack Lambert was one. He won the defensive rookie of the year award and never looked back.

Franco Harris stepped right in and rushed for over a thousand yards his rookie season and was also a rookie of the year.

Great players do not need groomed, they need opportunity. I didn't say the class was a flop. I said it has been disappointing thus far. The only player making any impact is Sepulveda. Woodley has been hurt so perhaps he hasn't had the opportunities but Timmons has been playing special teams and is not exactly making a name for himself there. Spaeth is living in Heath Miller's shadow. I don't believe in long term projects in the NFL. All the ones the Steelers have had recently couldn't even win their respective jobs after the roster spots were vacated and the jobs were theirs to lose. Harrison has been the exception. Look at all the O-lineman the Steelers carried the last few years that were cut this year. Guess the grooming and waiting to play didn't really pan out for them. Great players take the opportunity given to them and run with it and never look back. Tom Brady is an example of that. Since he replaced Bledsoe after an injury the rest has been history. You can either play or you can't, excuses are for wussies. Troy Palamalu is another example of a rookie who stepped right in and made an impact. All I am saying is it doesn't say much of your draft class when the punter is the one doing the best representing!