1. Lawrence Timmons - is he still on our team?
2. Lamar Woodley - injured groin? No impact.
3. Matt Spaeth - low impact.
4. Daniel Sepulveda - class of our draft thus far.
5. Cameron Stephenson - cut
6. William Gay - screwing up on special teams.
7. Dallas Baker - practice squad.

Maybe some of these guys will eventually pan out for us but so far having a punter as the class of your draft is not exactly something that gives me a warm and fuzzy about the future. Gotta believe that if you match up our rookie class with most, we would come out on the losing end. Couple more draft classes like this one and we will be comfortably at the bottom of our division. Were any of last years shortcomings fixed by this draft class? The only upgrade seems to be in the punter and thats not so good. Our first two linebacker picks have been tremendous disappointments IMO. Timmons plays special teams and barely ever even makes a tackle there. Because needs didn't seem to be fixed with this class it leaves us in a more desparate position for next years draft when we absolutely must address the O-line early and often. We will lose Starks and Faneca at a minimum. Is there anyone who sees this differently?