Maybe the Browns and Jets should just kickoff out of bounds all afternoon. In a game that features two of the league's top return men, they could do worse than letting each other start at the 40-yard line.

Cleveland's Joshua Cribbs and New York's Leon Washington have been giving their teams great field position all season and should have a big influence on the outcome of Sunday's game. "It is a big matchup. No. 1 and 2 going head-to-head," said Cribbs, referring to himself as the league leader in kickoff return average (31.2 yards) followed by Washington (30.6).

While Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears gets all the attention because of his five touchdowns on special teams, Cribbs and Washington are the leaders in providing consistently good field position.

Kickoff return average isn't a stat that grabs the attention of fantasy geeks, but it's one that head coaches value immensely.
"Whenever you have a kickoff return situation, it's at the start of a half or after your opponent has scored," Jets coach Eric Mangini said Wednesday. "To be able to answer with a score of your own or a dramatic field position changing play, that's always good in terms of shifting momentum back in your favor."........
I loved that first line--that would be an interesting game--neither side kicking it to the other's returner