First one being that they definitely softened the Pats up for the Steelers some playing a very physical game and having to come right back 5-6 days later on Sunday and play another physical team in the Steelers. Also, by the Pats winning it keeps them undefeated and keeps the Steelers motivated just as much to go down there and try to be the first team to beat them this year. Had the Pats lost that game I think the luster of this game might have been taken off some and maybe the Steelers would have lost their edge slightly just some food for thought. I will not be devistated if the Steelers lose this game so much against the Pats as long as they dont get blown out and play them tough and right to the end. If they can do that and show me that they can play with the Pats then maybe they will can beat them and get another shot at them and beat them when it counts and that is in the playoffs in January.

The other reason Im glad the Ravens lost this game last night is that maybe it will motivate them even more to beat the Colts at home on another primetime game Sunday night. Lets face it had the Ravens beat the Pats last night there is no way they would have beat the Colts this Sunday I dont think. Maybe this will motivate the Ravens to come out and play another great game in primetime again and beat the Colts and help the Steelers still have a shot to get that number 2 seed. The Ravens have now lost 6 in a row they are going to beat somebody again at some point this year why not let it be Indy this week and help the Steelers out especially if the Steelers end up beating the Pats somehow it would put the Steelers right back in control of their own destiny for that number 2 seed in the playoffs. So if the Steelers do end up pulling out this game against the Pats Sunday night somehow then the Steelers all of a sudden become huge huge Ravens fans again Sunday night and root for them to beat the Colts.