Ive been saying all along here the last few weeks that the key for the Steelers to really lock down this division was to win the next 2 games before the Pats game at home against Miami and Cincy and have either the Browns lose one of the next 2 to either Houston or Arizona more likely I said they would lose to Arizona which is exactly what happened. Now the Steelers can actually clinch the division this weekend with a win against New England which will be very very tough to do of course, and a loss by the Browns to the New York Jets in New York. Even if that doesnt happen this week all the Steelers have to do the rest of the way to win the North is either win 2 out of their last 4 games and get to 11 wins, or have the Browns lose one more game and get to 6 losses, and the Steelers win one more game and get them to 10 wins since the Steelers own the head to head tiebraker over the Browns. The Steelers if they dont end up clinching the North this weekend can still clinch a playoff birth on Sunday with a win over the Pats and a Tennessee loss to the Chargers this weekend.

Overall, at the very worst the Steelers are in great shape to win the North and be the number 3 seed in the AFC thus far. If things stay the way they are right now they will end up playing in the wildcard game either the Browns,Titans,Bills,or possibly even Denver or Houston who are still barely hanging on by a thread at 5-7. Still 4 weeks left and anything can happen with anyone of these 5 teams so we dont know who is going to grab that 6th and final spot. At the moment it looks like the Browns have the inside track on it but that can still change time will tell for sure here the next few weeks. The Steelers keep in mind can still get that number 2 seed over the Colts as well still remaining only a game behind them 10-2 to 9-3. The Colts next loss if it does happen will be to an AFC team because they have all AFC games left the last 4 weeks. So if the Steelers win out and the Colts lose one more game and they both finish at 13-3 the Steelers would own the tiebraker over the Colts because they would end up with a better conference record then the Colts. Now, that is a lot to ask especially with the Steelers having to beat the Pats this week still. A loss by the Steelers this week or one more time this season pretty much kills any shot they have at that number 2 seed and bye week.

Its why that Jets loss was an absolute killer and will probably costs the Steelers the 2 seed if they dont get it when all is said and done. For a team that is now 7-0 at home this season and having an advantage at home with the field conditions and stuff to get that bye week and play the Colts here or somebody else instead of going to Indy the 2nd week is a huge huge advantage and if you say it isnt your full of crap. This Steelers team needs as many games at home in the playoffs this year as they can possibly get. Its why it makes this game with the Pats this Sunday very very crucial. If they win it they have a great shot to still get the 2 seed over the Colts, if they lose it then they most likely will be the 3 seed and play at Heinz Field on wildcard weekend. Here is a link to all the playoffs scenarios for the weekend.