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Thread: WOW, i hate the Pats

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    WOW, i hate the Pats

    The players, the coach, the media hype, the fact that after they danced on our field like a bunch of bitc#es in the 04-05 AFCC(the year B4 they make the "no celebrating on the home teams field" rule!!!) and the city of Boston in general is reason enough for any steeler fan to hate the pats... but their fans make me want to choke a child!!!
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    I swear the majority of pats fans watch nothing more than Red Sox and Pats games... watch the Celtics fans come out of the woodworks now they appearently read the "Boston Guide On: Buying a championship team" and signed KG and Ray Allen!!! Bostonites make me ill and i hate all of their sports teams and fans that go along w/ them... they know nothing more than what goes on in their own little world of "Beantown"... its hard to say anything bad about that Pats right now other than they have been caught cheating... but i cant wait til we break a Foote off in their *** this weekend!!!!
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