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Thread: Tom Petty to play Super Bowl halftime show

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    Tom Petty to play Super Bowl halftime show

    Tom Petty to play Super Bowl halftime show

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will play the coveted halftime slot at the Super Bowl in Arizona on February 3, organizers of the year's No. 1 television event said on Sunday.
    This year, nearly 140 million Americans watched Prince play at the football extravaganza.

    Other recent acts have included the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and U2. The most infamous performer was Janet Jackson, who bared her breast during the 2004 event, triggering a bipartisan political crackdown on televised smut.

    The National Football League's annual championship game will be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, near Phoenix. It will be televised by Fox.
    Petty's performance will mark a rare occasion where the veteran rocker is closely aligned with a corporate sponsor, in this case the North American arm of Japanese tire firm Bridgestone Corp, which has lent its name to the halftime event.

    Petty, 57, is an outspoken opponent of sponsorship of rock concerts, and his last album with the Heartbreakers, 2002's "The Last DJ," was a pointed assault on corporate greed. His spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment.

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    TP is a helluva live performer. This would be the first time since 2002 that I watch a halftime show.

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    I don't know much about Tom Petty (though I hear he's good). I think the Super Bowl halftime shows need to get young. The Super Bowl Commity should think about younger artists at the top of their game. I was thinking that artists like John Mayer or Foo Fighters. Maybe Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Keane, Jack Johnson, or Red Hot Chili Peppers could be a few others. All I am saying is: Super Bowl Halftime Shows have gotten bogged down by older stars that have clearly seen their day come and go. He is a list of the last 3 artists since Janet Jackson:
    -Paul McCarteny
    -Rolling Stones

    Those halftime shows didn't even come close to ones like U2's 9/11 tribute in super Bowl XXXVI (that show made me cry). I think if you get an artist at the top of their game, then ratings will go up. I am tired of these dumb "safe" choices. I did have this crazy idea for a halftime show where the Foo Fighters and John Mayer set up stages at opposite ends of the field, with a semi-stage thing inthe middle. Each band would take turns playing one of their songs then they would (David Grohl and John Mayer) would go in the middle and do a cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin".

    My Dream halftime show would go something like this:
    -John opens with "Waiting on the World to Change"
    -Foo then sings "Times Like These"
    -John sings "Belief"
    -Foo Sings "Everlong"
    -They BOTH close with "Don't Stop Believin"

    I doubt that it would happen (no harm in dreaming though). I just want to see some of todays stars in the halftime show. I do hope Tom lights up this halftime show to prove me wrong that he is not just another "safe" choice. I hope the Halftime show is good this year.

    "When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die."

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    tom who? i won't b watching that's 4 sure lol!!!!!!!!!

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    Foo Fighters would be a great half time show!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gr8N8 View Post
    TP is a helluva live performer. This would be the first time since 2002 that I watch a halftime show.
    This is exactly what I was thinking! Petty would have been awesome for XL

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    Atleast we aren't seeing "mr. 1 foot already in the grave" Keith Richards playing this year

    Tom Petty should be a real good show this year, nice choice ! Personally I'd prefer to see KISS

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    Guess there won't be a "wardrobe malfunction" this year!

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