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Thread: Steelers + Power Running Game

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    Post Steelers + Power Running Game

    Is anyone else tired of hearing announcers and other fans call the Steelers running attack a "power running" game? I know I sure am and had to just post this to get it off my
    When I think power running game I think of the days of Bettis and the o-line taking over games in the 4th quarter and just running people over. Willie Parker and the o-line we have now don't and can't do that. Like it or not the Steelers offense is built around speed with WP and SH, not power.
    It's the same thing when fans say "smash mouth football" or "punch them in the mouth". We can do it with our D, but not with our O.
    Other teams are more physical than the Steelers now and that is just the way it will be at times. I can live with that as long as the coaching staff doesn't think we can still just pound the ball whenever we feel like it. Hell, when we have that wimp Davenport blocking on pass plays we sure won't. Give me Krieder any day back there. There's a back who likes to hit people. Ward is the best hitter we have on offense and that's sad in a way because he is a WR! Great that he does it but he shouldn't be the best one on O doing it.
    With all that said, I'm not bashing the Steelers, Parker or anyone. Just thought is was time that we all realized we aren't a power team anymore that can just smash people in the mouth. At least nothing like we use to. As long as the coaches are using people the way they should be used I'm happy with the team and we can win.

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    It's the same thing when you here the NFLN or ESPN guys talk about our "stellar" offensive line, and "how great" our offensive line is. All they see is Willie's 1000 yds but they don't see all the problems we've had a various times and the poor blocking we've had too.

    We aren't a power running team anymore that is going to smash it down your throat. We are now a team that passes to set up the run and then we let Fast Willie run bye them as opposed to Jerome who ran through them mainly. Not taking anything away from Willie because he does run hard and tough but we are a different kind of run team now but as long as it gets the job done then so be it, I guess we evolved

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    Steelers' Starks embraces back-up role

    By Scott Brown
    Friday, November 30, 2007

    Playing on a squishy, rain-soaked field Monday night forced Max Starks to make at least one adjustment to keep his cleats from sinking into the mud.
    "You always had to keep your feet moving, so I actually think it was a great cardio workout," Starks said with a laugh.

    The mammoth offensive tackle got more of a workout than usual in the Steelers' 3-0 win over the Dolphins at Heinz Field. Starks started at left tackle in place of the injured Marvel Smith and performed capably while protecting the blind side of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. With it looking increasingly likely that Smith's bad back will prevent him from playing Sunday night against the visiting Bengals, Starks could make his second career start at left tackle.

    Smith's uncertain status -- he didn't practice again Thursday -- and a season-ending knee injury sustained by fullback Dan Kreider prompted the Steelers to sign tight end Jon Dekker from their practice squad.

    Starks had been used as a third tight end, but the Steelers may need him to play exclusively at tackle on offense against the Bengals.

    "Right now, he's just strictly left tackle until we know what's up with Marvel," Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians said.
    The 6-foot-8, 337-pound Starks had been the Steelers' starting right tackle the previous two seasons, but Willie Colon beat him out for the job during training camp.

    Rather than sulk, Starks embraced a multipurpose, if unorthodox, role of playing both tackle positions on the offensive line as well as tight end in short-yardage situations.
    "I look at it as a gift that I actually get to learn more and expand my role on this team," Starks said.

    His attitude has been as valuable to the Steelers off the field as his versatility has been on it.
    Even after losing his starting job to Colon, Starks never stopped helping the second-year pro or offering encouragement to him.
    "I can't ever say he did anything shady or did anything to kind of misguide me and try to make me look bad," Colon said. "He's been pretty awesome and he gets a lot of respect on my part."

    Starks has been such a team-first player that if the coaches had considered making a switch at right tackle given the recent struggles of the offensive line, he may well have argued against it.

    "You can't sit there with the expectation level of 'Oh, man, he had a bad game, I should be in there right now' because that's not helping the chemistry of the group, and that's not going to help our team," Starks said. "I, personally, being an offensive lineman and being in that position that Willie's been in, would not want somebody to just come in and say 'Hey, we're going to mess up the chemistry of the offensive line, we're going to take you out and put somebody brand new in.' "

    As for moving to left tackle, Starks said it hasn't been that much of an adjustment.
    He played the position at the University of Florida, and he got plenty of practice on the left side during training camp in the event that something happened to Smith. "I'm left-handed," Starks said, "so it didn't bother me at all."

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    Starks is being a team player about this situation and seems to be taking it in stride. It's not out of the realm of possibility for him to come back next year either so the more ways he takes advantage of his opportunities the better.

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