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Thread: Bitching About The ESPN Crew

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    I need money you know. My budget is very tight and I haven't bought anything for myself in 9 months. Pretty damn sad. I hope I can ask my brother in law if he has a spare one, but I doubt it.

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    I think Tony Kornheiser is a good foil for Theismann...he keeps Joe in check, and calls him out for all the stupid things he says.

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    What irriated *me* most about the announcers--according to them it was a GREAT game with BOTH sides playing hard until Jax scored a measly FG--THEN they basically made it sound like we'd completely stopped playing.

    Such a COH after ONE FG?? THAT'S what ticked me off.

    Yeah--they can get someone better in there, and I'm all for lettin' HoS call the game
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