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Thread: Zero Confidence in Bruce Arians

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    Zero Confidence in Bruce Arians

    Run, Run, Pass, Punt ...

    Run, Run, Pass, Punt ...

    Run, Run, Pass, Punt ...

    Wow, I'm floored by your creative genius! Is this the same game planning that ran you out of Cleveland Bruce? WTF? How sheepish and chicken **** can this man get?

    Roethlisberger is at his best in the shotgun with four wide. Give him the god damn chance to do it for the love of Christ! If he starts throwing more on early downs he has more options, thus will make more plays.

    For some reason, Arians seems to hate the no-huddle. Coincidentally, he also seems to dislike the shotgun and refuses to bring his whole arsonal of receivers on the field like the Pats and Colts do. My question is why? Why are you so afraid to run the no-huddle spread?

    Are you so committed to setting up the run that you're turning a blind eye to what's being given to you each game? As far as the running game is concerned, with an OL like this, it's not going to be good folks. And before some of you start telling me how great we are running the ball, I'll need to point out that much of our running yardage this year is "garbage" yardage. Meaning, it's been piled up in the tail-end of blow-out wins for the most part.

    Ben Roth gives us our best chance at winning ball games period. I want our OL to block their *** off for him and I want this offense in Roethlisberger's hands throughout a game. I want him to have more chances to audible at the OLine.

    How hard is this concept to understand Arians?
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