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Thread: What went so wrong this game

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    3rd down offense was terrible, 3rd down defense wasn't much better. Everytime we did get off the field Ben & company went 3 and out or 6 and out and backout came the defense. The time of possession was ridiculous !

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    First problem I notice is your avatar! Super Bowl is over it's time to move onto the new season. Don't take this out of context because I'm not directing my comment towards you because I'm thinking after the Steelers win last week it may have went to their heads! Coming off the Super Bowl, then winning their first game of the season... I think they may have under estimated Jacksonville. I'll give it to Jacksonville though because they stuck to their gameplan and just went at the Steelers and wanted the game more!

    I do like your avatar BTW, I was jsut using it to get my point across.

    first of all i have moved on to a new season i just really love that pic so i used it. I know that this is a new year and that anything can happen i am just showin that i am proud of what we did last year, I am sorry that you have a problem with that.
    We Are Going To Start On The Other Hand!!

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