new to the board and love your site! I thought it was ironic of the Ratbirds Bart Scott (who took every oppurtunity to celebrate the hit on ben last year) to cry about Hines Ward's blocks. I'm not taking away the game they played last year, but i didn't see him pull up on his hit?

What is it with the big, tough, Baltimore defensive players? They continue to whine whenever a wide receiver throws a block at them.

The latest is linebacker Bart Scott, who said in the Baltimore Sun this past week that he threatened to "kill" Hines Ward Monday night after the Steelers receiver blocked him.

"I threatened him," Scott said. "If I see him again, I'm going to threaten him again."

It must have to do with wearing the purple and black because even Rod Woodson, when he played for the Ravens, complained about Ward's blocks.

I suppose even when you play on one of the NFL's better defenses, you don't like it when a wide receiver blocks you. And when those blocks are big enough -- as Ward's was on Scott -- that they're shown all over ESPN, the big, bad linebacker's pride gets hurt.

Isn't this the same Bart Scott who exhilarated in the hit he put on Ben Roethlisberger last season when he had a free shot? That was OK, fly in unblocked and smack into a standing target who cannot see you? But get bowled over by a wide receiver, and it's not so much fun, eh, Bart?

"I just think he took some shots that he didn't have to, and I'm not even talking about my shot. I'm talking about the Ed Reed stuff.''

Oh, that's right, Ward also had the audacity to throw a block on the All-Pro safety. Gee, what's next? He might block one of their defensive linemen?

"With mine, I think I was pulling up,'' Scott whined. "I was letting up because I thought [Willie Parker] was going to run out of bounds. I should've just went for the cheap shot and hit him out of bounds. Then I wouldn't have had to worry about getting blindsided. That's fine, though. He's out there in safe land as a receiver, but I'll get an opportunity one day."

Safe land as a receiver? Ward has probably been hit harder more times in his career than Bart Scott as a linebacker and he has had the concussions to prove it. Pound for pound, though, I'll take Ward on my tough-guy team over the Ray Lewis-wannabe Scott any day.