He was on the afternoon blitz yesterday and man oh man this is a great interview,,,,,,,,,,
Before this game ever started & before the season began,I told my wife that james is my favorite LB and I will have his jersey~~~~

Well enough of my opinion,,,,,,,,,Enjoy the interview it's great
With Adam schein and our X player Jim Miller ,,,,,,,,,

ADAM: Say hello to the LB who dominated the baltimore Ravens in every possble way on monday night,,,,,,,,"how are 'ya "

James: Fine thanks for having me,,,,,,,,,,

MILLER: What a performance james you had 8 tackles,3 1/2 sacks,
1 int, and 2 forced fumbles and all this off-season we kept on hearing there's
no joey porter,,,,,no joey porter,,,,But your teamates has said no-one knows what james is capable of,,,,,,,This guy is a helluva football player and monday night the whole country seen,,,,,,,,,Talk about your outstanding performance,,,,,,,,,

James: Well,,,,,,,Dick Labeau done an excellent job putting us in position to make plays and we just went out there and executed,,,,,,

ADAM: Wel james you set the tone and tempo of this game,,,,
Take us through your excellent play on the field,,,,,,

James: Uh,,,, I just played hard and hit Mcnair on his blindside and put my helmet on the ball and just kept after it,,,,,,,

MILLER: Talk about your HC,,,,,Seems like he's the spitting image of Bill Cowher ,,,saying the most Violent team will win this game,,,,,,,

James: Uhhhh,,,,,Last year they dominated us and all of us never forgot our last meeting here at heinz and the sick feeling we had,that was some motivating factor in us playing even harder,besides we needed this win for ourselves as well as our coaches,,,,,,

ADAM: Have you seen anything on film that had you licking your chops before the game started on monday night,,,,,,,,

James: Watching film always helps,but we just play all out and Labeau is a great coach, he's our fuel and we don't want to let him down or coach tomlin,,,,,,

ADAM: Seems like you guys are taught to put a hat on a hat and defense in a whole makes excellent tackles and in a physical match-up
you guys were the dominate team and highlighted by the fundamentals of Tackling,,,,,,,,

James: Uhhh,,,mmmm Tomlin and coach labeau persist on all fundamentals of the game in practice and we just soak it in and believe
in our coaches,,,,,,,

MILLER: Well james,,,,I was down there & spoke to Mike Tomlin and it seems that he speaks softly and also carries a big stick and he's outstanding
in how he calls a game and seems to bring an old school intensity and it just seems like you guys were just heads and shoulders above the ravens,,,,

James: Well you know we just play hard and hit very hard and just execute the game plan and we know if we execute like we are capable of
we can beat anyone in this league,,,,,

ADAM: James last year the ravens beat up on you guys and no-one beats up on the STEELERS ,,,,,,as you took the field and look back at the film and all the hits on rothlisberger,,,,,,Dd you and the rest of your defense have revenge as a factor in getting this win,,,,,,,

James: I would say somewhat,,,,,,,But last year was last year and we
just wanted to make a statement and stay on top of our division,,,,,

ADAM: Thanks for some time james & good luck with the rest of the season,,,,,,,,,

One more nugget I heard on sirius
This was a comment made by farrior
Pertaining to our game this week against them clowns
Quote: Winslow better keep his head on a swivel

Sounds to me like it's gonna be another violent week and them stains won't
know what hit 'em ,,,,,,,,,,,,