Q & A From bob poppa and Shannon Sharpe

Shannon: No use sugar coating it,,,,,,,,,You guys don't like the ravens and the ravens don't like you guys,,,,,,and if they beat you guys there's a three way tie in your division "so what happens tonight"

CLARK: Gonna go out there and win,no if ands or buts about it,,,,,,
We are gonna go out there and show this team "how much we pride ourselves
in being physical" We'll just see what happens,,,,,,,

Shannon: When you look at these guys, they get alot of people back healthy,,,,,,,,Getting Price & Mcnair back ,,,also coming off a bye,,,,,
Great matchup tonight on Monday Night Football ?

CLARK: We are fired up always when we play the ravens,,,,,,
Before i got here I never knew anything about a monday night game
One thing I know,,,,,,Gonna be alot of hitting & the most violent team will come away with the win

Poppa: Talk about the energy at heinz field and the fact that the steelers are 16-0 at home on monday night

CLARK: Well it's almost a college atmoshere ,,,,,,,This city has college
teams,b-ball,hockey and so forth ,,,,,But everyone knows this is a STEELER Football TOWN
When we win the whole city is happy,,,,
You'll see people walking to work with different steeler clothing on & they just get in better moods all through this town when we win,,,,,,,,,
At the game there terrible everywhere and just brings an energy that's matches no other,,,,,,

Shannon: What's gonna make it even more special,there gonna have the 75th anniversary celebration at the half "where there gonna have the
75 greatest coaches & players in the history of steel town,,,,

CLARK: We've been celebrating that all year,so we are gonna try to go out there and represent them past players & coaches well and show everyone what STEELER football is all about

Poppa: what some of the keys to keepin Mcnair under control,,,,,

CLARK: Apply constant pressure on him & keep him contained in the pocket and keep him from getting rid of the ball quick,,,,,,,Also disrupting
the WR's and throw the timing off,,,,,,

Shannon: Do you anticipate them trying to get the ball deep on you guys,,,,,,,

CLARK: Well I don't know,,,,,,I think there gonna try to get the running game going ,,,,Which you know is not easy playing us,,,,,,,,
We try to dictate yoiur play in our favor,,,,,Our main goal is to stop the run
and run the ball,,,,,,,,,

Poppa: Hows your spleen injury coming along,,,,,,,,

CLARK: Dealing with a little more pain and running a fever of 102
everyday,,,,,,,,,Some days I feel really good,some days I don't,,,,,,,,

Shannon: Does it feel very good when LSU are behind in ballgames,,,

CLARK: Um,,,,,,,A little bit Hey shannon I check you out every week

Shannon: Uh,,,,Uh,,,,Uh,,,,Who do you guys play next week ?

CLARK: The browns,,,,,,

Shannon: A----ight I'm gonna mention my boy,,,,,Mr. ryan on
CBS pre-game show next week on national t.v.

CLARK: A-----ight

Poppa: Hey ryan ,,,,,Fell better & we'll be looking forward to seeing you back on the field