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    Easy Ham Barbeques...

    A Pittsburgh Classic... easy and quick crowd pleaser

    2 pounds Chipped ham
    8 oz. Heinz Ketchup, maybe a little more as needed
    4 oz. Sweet Pickle relish

    First off for all you out-of-towners who don't know what chipped ham is , it's chopped ham sliced paper thin.

    Take the chipped ham and rip it into smaller pieces and place into 2 qt pot. Now mix in the relish and ketchup and heat through. Serve on hamburger bun , or whatever you prefer add a slice of cheese if ya like.

    Easy recipe that brings a taste of summer anytime.

    ***NOTE ***Chipped ham can be bought in any deli in America. It is Chopped Ham but sliced very very thin, almost shredded. You don't have to use Chopped Ham , any type will do ,just make sure they cut it as thin as possible.
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