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Thread: What's the key to shutting down the Jags ?

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    Just an FYI

    Quote Originally Posted by House of Steel View Post
    The corners need to cover Jimmy Smith.
    Jimmy Smith is retired. I think the Jags will give us fits. Hopefully our special teams will play ten times better. Or I will just have to hit the bottle earlier then usual.

    I'm blind, I'm deaf, I wanna be a ref! Get on your knees ref your blowing the game!

    Big thank you to pa state Daryl Metcalfe. For doing the right thing.

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    LOVED that K-train--AWEsome pic! :P My son liked it too lol

    If we play like we always like to play--tough D fence, good offense, special teams doin' the job they usually do should be a great game!

    I read on a website last night that the Jags first line of business should be locating Troy on every play, and that it won't be easy to do since he's everywhere and disguises his plays so well--I love reading stuff like that --makes my whole day lol

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    A) Stop Fred Taylor. He's only healthy like 3 games a year, but he's healthy tonight, and he always seems to have big games against the Steelers.

    B) Pressure Leftwich. He's not very mobile back in the pocket, and getting to him early and often neutralizes any percieved size advantage those big wide receivers bring.

    C) Play our game...which means win the field position battle, no turnovers, control the clock by running the ball effectively, and play smart. Jax is a tough place to play, but the fans aren't that bright. If the Steelers start fast, the crowd will be taken out of the game.

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    Look at the stats. It will tell you what we didn't do
    "It is hard to wait around for something that you know may never happen;but it's even harder to let go when it's everything you want"

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    Oh Don't Even Go There!!!! It Is Not Worth The Time And Day.

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